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Net Zero

Taking real action on climate change

Our shift to net zero comes from a deep desire to do the very best for our clients, our people, and our communities in which we operate. The devastating impacts of climate change the world is increasingly experiencing will only get worse. I cannot actively grow a business I know is contributing further to this problem, so I want to be part of the solution.


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Why Net Zero

Code red for humanity

The UN IPCC has given a “code red warning for humanity”, erasing any doubt on the correlation between human activity and the climate crisis. They forecast an increase in extreme weather events that will disproportionately affect those most vulnerable. 



The hotel sector is lagging behind

Buildings, including hotels account for 40% of the annual global carbon emissions. Whilst some areas of the real estate sector have started to respond to the climate crisis, the benchmark for hotels remains remarkably low. Incremental improvements are no longer justifiable and significant advancement must be made to look after our global communities as much as our local ones.

Lamington Group is stepping up

The Group has adopted its Net zero carbon Roadmap, to 2030, 20 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. We are one of the first in the industry to launch our plan, and on the tightest possible timescale. We will now only build to whole life net zero specifications. This is a world leading commitment within our industry.

We hope to inspire and lead others along our journey. 

room2 Southampton hometel

About the Group

Lamington Group owns and manages a real estate portfolio in excess of 14,000m2, predominantly in the short and long stay accommodation sectors, with the existing property stock varying in energy performance.

In 2020, Robert Godwin, Chief Executive Officer, took the decision that we could no longer wait to take decisive action on the climate crisis.

Lamington Group Sustainability Profile

Baseline emissions

2019 was used to set the baseline in which we would measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions going forwards.

The majority of scope 1 and 2 emissions are associated with the direct operations of our buildings. Scope 3 emissions represent indirect emissions, of which guest travel and capital goods are the largest contributors.

Report so far

As of 2022, we have implemented a range of initiatives to reduce our operational carbon emissions, which has led to a 21% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, in comparison to our 2019 baseline. 

We have ongoing plans and targets to continue progressing our reduction in emissions, including reducing our natural gas consumption through electrifying our properties.

Journey to date

January 2020

We decided that we needed to lead the way in fighting the climate crisis


May 2020

room2 Chiswick registers as 1st LETI Pioneer hometel

December 2020

Lamington Group carbon baseline calculated covering its entire portfolio scope 1, 2, 3 for the 2019 calendar year

February 2021

Lamington Group 2020 carbon report is updated and the Group commits to setting Science Based Targets

July 2021

room2 net zero building specifications adopted for all new developments

September 2021

Lamington Group Net Zero Carbon Roadmap published

December 2022

Lamington Group published the One Planet Living action plan

November 2023

Lamington Group, room2 and Missionworks became B Corp Certified

Growth pipeline

Central to Lamington Group’s future is the planned expansion of room2 across the UK, growing to 5,000 keys by 2030. We believe in responsible growth where we will keep our emissions to an absolute minimum.

If no appropriate action was taken, the projected growth plan would result in a 1983% increase in our scope 1 and 2 emissions. The net zero strategy now ensures that the continued expansion is aligned with GHG emission targets, reducing absolute scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by >46% over the 2019 reported baseline.

Our commitments

In committing to a net zero carbon future, Lamington Group is taking the lead in responding to the climate emergency. Our performance will be reported annually and updates on our implementation and commitments will be released annually.

Develop and operate whole life net zero carbon properties

Our hometels’ emissions from their conception all the way to disposal will be equal to zero.

Achieve net zero carbon scope 1 and 2 by 2030 using Science Based Targets

To align with climate science, we will reduce all emissions in our direct control by 46% by 2030.

Track and minimise scope 3 emissions

We will encourage, guide and support our suppliers, employees, guests and wider communities to reduce their own emissions.


As part of this commitment to transparency, we have developed a roadmap detailing the actions we'll take to meet these targets. The three key steps of this journey are reduce, balance and deliver.

1. Reduce

Operational Carbon

The overall operational carbon from buildings will be reduced by transitioning to renewable energy, maximising renewable energy generation on site, maximising energy efficiencies and making adjustments to minimise energy consumption in the first place.


Embodied Carbon

Embodied carbon is more difficult to manage and reduce but opportunities exist in low carbon construction methods such as CLT, low carbon concrete, and modular, as well as seeking to convert existing buildings to extend their life. 


Our Activities

Reduce wider emissions linked to the business’ activities. This will be done by engaging with employees, suppliers, guests and other stakeholders to support their own journeys to net zero.

2. Balance

Renewable Energy

All buildings will be supplied with 100% renewable energy, maximising opportunities for onsite renewable energy generation and procuring remaining energy through green tariffs and power purchase agreements (PPAs). All long-let tenants will also be required to switch to renewable energy.


Carbon Offsetting

Any unavoidable emissions will be balanced through verified nature-based carbon removals. We will be rebalancing residual operational and embodied carbon emissions with Climate Partner to offset through afforestation projects around the world. 

‎ 3. Deliver

Detailed Actions

The roadmap details the actions that will be taken in the lead up to 2030. This plan will be updated periodically as innovation and standards develop.

‎ ‎ 


Ensure all data is verified and communicated regularly as GHG emissions and progress are tracked against our commitments. 

Download our net zero roadmap

Our Partners

Supporting the development of our net zero roadmap are our partners, a group of industry experts helping us to set and deliver an ambitious plan aligned with industry's leading initiatives.

Calling all guests

Who care about our planet and want brands to take action for the climate. 

Come stay with us
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Calling all developers and investors

Who want to lead in the future of green development, and build better buildings which support climate resilience. Who have set SBTis, green financing criteria, or need to do TCFD disclosure.

Work with us to build net zero hometels.

room2 Hammersmith hometels

Calling all partners

Who are looking to pioneer new low carbon solutions, services or products. We want to work with you to have a collective impact.

Collaborate with us.

Lamington Group Commercial

Get in touch

We’d love to hear your feedback or to partner with you if you share the same ambition to reduce our collective impact on our planet.

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