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Lamington Developments

Development studio crafting inspiring spaces and delivering award-winning projects.

Projects which have a positive impact.

With a broad range of experience across hospitality, retail and commercial development industries, the Lamington Developments team deliver complete solutions from residential conversions to heritage restorations and unique hometels, all designed to make an impact.

Our Ethos.

Buildings which contribute.

There are too many scars in our urban landscape. We are passionate about making a positive impact, and pride ourselves on only working on buildings which create long standing positive contributions to the urban landscape.

Creating places where people perform best, for work or play.

As a development studio, there is an opportunity to create environments and develop buildings which genuinely add value to the lives of our guests and visitors. And that is something which we strive to achieve in everything we develop.

How we operate.

As an in-house development studio, we draw on some of the best specialist thinkers across the industry, and combine this with our own experience and expertise to take developments all the way from idea to completion.

Our current projects.

From major restorative projects to hometel developments, there are a number of projects which are currently under development. Using specialist partners we come together to deliver compelling results. Check out some of the latest projects on our project page.

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"We are delighted to have have been able to secure such a respected and dynamic operator for one of our flagship schemes, and look forward to working together long term on this and other projects" Guy Ziser, CEO, Ziser London