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Putting people and planet at the heart of what we do

Our Purpose

To create spaces that support both our planet and people to thrive.

Our Approach

We use One Planet Living, a framework by Bioregional, in the planning, building and operation of our hotels and residential properties. 

These values drive our decisions and activities to make sure our business has a lasting legacy of positive environmental, social and economic impacts. 

Climate change is the biggest challenge the world is facing, we want to make a significant impact and are focusing on getting to net zero carbon.


One Planet Living | Lamington Group


We want all living systems and our environment to thrive whilst taking urgent action on climate change.

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Zero Carbon

To develop and operate whole life net zero carbon hotels. We do this by: Ensuring our new hotels achieve net zero operational and embodied carbon and the sum of all the carbon emitted for the construction as well as the emissions due to the hotels energy and water use, maintenance, refurbishment and disposal at the end of their life will be equal to zero.

Zero Waste | Lamington Group

Zero Waste

To reduce consumption, reuse and recycle to achieve zero waste. We do this through:

  • Providing in-room facilities to recycle mixed recycling and food waste.
  • Eliminating single-use packaging to reduce wasteful
  • Sending zero waste to landfill.
Sustainable materials | Lamington Group

Sustainable materials

To use materials low carbon materials from sustainable sources and promote products which help people reduce consumption.

Land and wildlife | Lamington Group

Land and wildlife

To protect and restore land for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Sustainable water

To use water efficiently, protect local water resources and reduce flooding and drought.

Local food

Local and sustainable food

To promote humane farming and healthy diets high in local, seasonal food and vegetable protein.

Public transport

Sustainable transport

To reduce the need to travel, encourage walking, cycling and low carbon transport.

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